My film focus on the weird and wonderful nature of being. This film is blending the obscure with the aesthetically beautiful whilst constantly questioning what it is to live, to be who you are, to be exposed fully. As not to be ashamed, to feel and experience fully our feelings; even the negative ones that overwhelm us when we feel we have become defenseless.

This film is an abstract in nature and in the process in capturing the subject.

"Silk moth"

I am nothing but a soft jelly thing,
matted in my own bed of silver wire.
Dislocated fingers and a brittle spine,
Distorted in ways my flesh can’t comprehend.

A black bay pours on me,
Leaves me aching for the light
In a seamless tangled mess.
A garment for the slaughterhouse

Such suffering
To fill a cavity of the void.
I am nothing but a sin against god,
Abandoned in my own shell.

by Armandas Bendaravicius


The concept is focus on two meanings; Symbolic and metaphoric. The hangers and dresses, all the same, all uniform represent society, grouped together, no differences, no choice, no opinion and no freedom - just how it was and still is in some colonial countries.

The single red colour dress shows that women only have one choice and that choice is already made for them so it is not a choice at all. The single colour and the position of the hangers hanging one after another show control and how women should fall in to place and not dictate from that position in society.

The symbolic meaning behind this represents the crude, barbaric purpose that a hanger is sometimes the only method of choice a woman has to give herself a abortion. It is a powerful reminder of the desperation some women face not having any choice but this one choice in front of them.

The concept is based on current day protests happening all over Poland which have seen the country split, the left more liberal side fighting for basic human rights and the church controlled right side refusing to grant these rights. The church still has a massive hold on the people of Poland and the power within Government and the current Government in power (PIS) is heavily influenced by the church.

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